Aural Diversity: a general introduction

Authors: Andrew Hugill1

1University of Salford

In this talk, Professor Andrew Hugill introduces the concept of Aural Diversity and discusses the scope of the field. Aural Diversity has become an increasingly influential idea in recent years across a range of disciplines including audiology and music, but also architecture and design, engineering and technology, computing and AI, and even literature and history. It starts from a premise that everybody hears differently and observes that current standards are inadequate to account for the many variations in hearing. Andrew himself has severe unbalanced hearing loss, tinnitus and diplacusis thanks to Meniere’s Disease, and is also autistic, so brings a unique perspective to bear. He presents the work of the Aural Diversity project, which includes a network funded by the AHRC, a doctoral college funded by the Leverhulme Trust, a series of concerts, workshops, seminars and events, and a collection of partnerships with organisations such as GNResound, Arup, DEFRA and the Welsh Government.