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The 3rd Clarity Workshop on Machine Learning Challenges for Hearing Aids (Clarity-CEC2-2022)

December 12, 2022

Machine Learning Challenges for Hearing Aids (Clarity-CEC2-2022)

12th December 2022, Virtual Workshop

One of the biggest challenges for hearing-impaired listeners is understanding speech in the presence of background noise. Everyday social noise levels can have a devastating impact on speech intelligibility. Inability to communicate effectively can lead to social withdrawal and isolation. Disabling hearing impairment affects 360 million people worldwide, with that number increasing because of the ageing population. Unfortunately, current hearing aid technology is often ineffective in noisy situations. Although amplification can restore audibility, it does not compensate fully for the effects of hearing loss.

The aim of this virtual workshop is to report on the 2nd Clarity Enhancement Challenge (CEC2), the second in a series of machine learning challenges targeted at helping those with a hearing impairment. CEC2 has increased the complexity beyond the previous CEC1 challenge by introducing more complex scenes with listener head movements and multiple speech, music and domestic noise sources. Systems are evaluated using both objective measures and listening tests.

The challenge was launched in March 2022 and ran until September 2022 and attracted the submission of 18 different systems from 7 separate teams. The results from CEC2 will be used in our next prediction challenge launching in spring 2023.

This virtual workshop will feature

  • announcement of the challenge results
  • presentations from participating teams
  • a keynote talk
  • award of prizes for best system
  • a discussion of future directions for hearing aid machine learning challenges.

Programme details now available.

Note: registration is free but prior registration (deadline December 10) is required.

The Clarity Project TeamMichael Akeroyd, University of NottinghamWill Bailey, University of SheffieldJon Barker, University of SheffieldTrevor Cox, University of SalfordJohn Culling, University of CardiffSimone Graetzer, University of SalfordGraham Naylor, University of NottinghamZuza Podwinska, University of SalfordZehai Tu, University of SheffieldAlice Tucker, University of Sheffield


December 12, 2022