SPiN 2022 (Speech in Noise Workshop)

SPIN2022 will be online! Talks will be shared as Zoom webinars and poster sessions will take place in GatherTown. The meeting will start around 9:00 CET, and end around 17:00 CET. Registration is now open! You can now register for the Virtual SPIN meeting by clicking here.This year's registration is free thanks to the generous support of our sponsors. […]

Cognition and Natural Sensory Processing Workshop (CNSP)

CNSP2022 will be taking place 18-20 July 2022 and is sponsored by mBrainTrain this year. Registration for the Online Workshop will open 1 May 2022 and there will be an open call for tutorials and talks! The organisation team will do its best to accommodate as many time zones as possible. Details on the workshop […]