February 3, 2024 - March 3, 2024    
All Day

March 3rd is World Hearing Day. At this day, Wiki4WorldHearingDay is organized, a global campaign with the objective of ensuring that information pertaining to hearing, hearing health services, hearing testing, preventive measures, and treatment interventions is readily available to everyone at no cost using Wikipedia and other open projects from Wikimedia Foundation.

The campaign Wiki4WorldHearingDay offers a platform that assists participants in the creation and editing of Wikipedia content, enabling anyone with internet access and a computer to actively engage in the campaign. The inspiration is highlighted for this initiative stems from the achievements of the prior campaigns Wiki4YearOfSound2020 and Wiki4WorldHearingDay2019.

The Wiki4WorldHearingDay2019 campaign garnered a global viewership of more than 40 million page views, focusing on content related to hearing health, audiological prevention, diagnosis, and treatment on Wikipedia. Additionally, the Wiki4WorldHearingDay2023 campaign has already amassed over 16.5 million page views.

Join us in making information about hearing freely available to everyone to celebrate World Hearing Day 2024. Help us improve Wikipedia content related to hearing, hearing health services, hearing testing, preventive and treatment interventions. Participants are also encouraged to translate pages from Wikipedia articles from one language to another. Contributions will be highlighted in the World Hearing Day 2024 report of activities. Even small contributions help and you can start today!

 All information to take part in the activities of is available on the  Wiki4WorldHearingDay2024 campaign’s page on Wikimedia.

The campaign is supported by various international organizations and involves collaboration with research centers and universities worldwide. This year, Computational Audiology Networking is joining this global effort to promote accessible content on hearing health for everyone.