Services for professionals

For those working in computational audiology and related fields, we have grouped here a number of pages together (above links help to navigate this page).

A hub to share online resources

We created a central hub to share resources related to computational audiology including resources that are published on general platforms such as OSFZenodo or GitHub among others. Also we are collecting dedicated auditory toolboxes such as the Auditory Modeling Toolbox (AMT). The basic idea is to use as a central hub to share resources that are useful for researchers and clinicians. For clinicians, we added this overview of automated audiometry approaches.


  • sharing of research software, tools, and models
  • sharing best practices (data policies, software licensing), inspire peers, and increase transparency
  • facilitating cooperation across centers increase sample sizes and strengthen the robustness of experimental evaluations
  • building a community that fosters effective collaboration and uses similar tools and data sharing pipelines
Please contact us (via if you want to publish a blog about your project or if you want to share an online resource (e.g. a demonstration).

send an email with a link to your project, tool or code to and it will be directly processed.


In order to share finalized projects (e.g. datasets or code) there is a Zenodo community for computational audiology. The aim of this community is to share data, code and tools useful for computational audiology and related fields such as digital hearing health care and AI in health care. Resources on Zenodo are integrated on the forum in order to make the data, code and tools easier to find for researchers and clinicians.


  • Save the date for the next VCCA!
  • Full lists of events.

Computational Audiology TV

For watching back presentations and tutorials check out Computational Audiology TV! On this youtube channel, you can find all VCCA2021 2-minutes video pitches and other videos related to computational audiology or the VCCA. We are releasing many of the pre-recorded talks via this channel so please subscribe to stay in the loop.


Job Opportunities

Looking for a new challenge in academia or industry? Check job opportunities for a list of current opportunities (for PhDs / research scientists or professors) in computational audiology or related fields. Skills in #ML#modeling, #(machine) perception, or #audiocoding are an asset. If you wish to post a job from your organization, please reach out to us via All posted vacancies link to the university or company that has posted the vacancy.

For academia this job posting service is free. But any contribution in kind to the website (e.g. resources?) is much appreciated. We are developing a flow to automate the job posting proces.


Here we collect calls for proposals, grants, and other ways to fund research and innovation that may help us to accomplish our mission. If you know about new funding opportunities give us a notice via