Interested in Becoming a (better) Peer Reviewer?

Authors: Tina Grieco-Calub1, Ruth Litovsky2, Michelle Hughes3

  • 1University of Illinois Chicago
  • 2University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • 3University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The American Auditory Society, the Editorial Board of Ear and Hearing, and the Computational Audiology Network have collaborated to offer an exciting virtual workshop for anyone interested in learning or updating their knowledge and skills for peer review of manuscripts. We have a group of highly experienced leaders who will provide the workshop and lead discussion breakouts. A free, three-hour interactive training session through Wolters Kluwer is highly recommended to prepare for the discussion (see link to the free basic online reviewer course).

Workshop Outline:

  1. Introduction and Context Setting (5 minutes)
    • welcome and introduction by the workshop lead (Tina Grieco-Calub).
  2. Plenary Session (20 minutes)
    • Michelle Hughes will give a presentation about reviewer training
  3. Transition and Explanation of Breakout Activities (5 minutes)
    • Allocation of participants to breakout rooms (randomly)
  4. Breakout Room Discussions (20 minutes)
    • Discussions led by Tina Grieco-Calub, Michelle Hughes, and De Wet Swanepoel.
    • 3 breakout rooms, each with 3 guiding questions for discussion, attendees are randomly assigned to a room.
  5. Concluding Session and Forward Path (5 minutes)
    • Recap of key takeaways from each breakout room