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Newsroom Computational Audiology, January 24

In this newsletter, we proudly announce the formal establishment of the Computational Audiology Network (CAN)! We share upcoming activities and updates including CAN at the AAS and WCA conferences, Wiki4Hearing and updates about the upcoming VCCA2024.

Computational Audiology Network (CAN)

We are happy to announce that at the end of 2023, we formally established the Computational Audiology Network (CAN) as an international network to advance hearing healthcare through the application of data science, computational methods, and artificial intelligence (AI) in hearing research and technology. By establishing a formal organization we can increase our virtual and physical impact. We will be able to better organize our financial and legal affairs and collaborate with established societies such as the International Society of Audiology (ISA), the American Auditory Society (AAS) as well as other stakeholders.

We hope you are interested in joining us as a CAN member! In 2024 we will be recruiting active members, who are professionals or students in a field related to computational audiology. Membership is inclusive, open for scientists, clinicians, engineers & developers. It all started with the VCCA conferences, which we will continue to run in the future. In addition, we have the ambition to improve the digital space we have been building, organize more events, and seek further collaboration between academia, industry, and clinical practice to increase our impact.  Below are our main objectives and more details can be found in our bylaws.

Read more about CAN

Meet the CAN executive board

Seba Ausili, PhD
Karina De Sousa, PhD – General Secretary
Hector Gabriel Corrale de Matos, BSc – Web developer
Tobias Goehring, PhD
Simone Graetzer, PhD
Jessica Monaghan, PhD
Nikki Philpott, MSc – Treasurer
Jan-Willem Wasmann, MSc – President

Our eight executive board members have been preparing a workplan for 2024. Do you have ideas or wish to contribute to our objectives? If so, please email executiveboard {AT} computationalaudiology.com or talk to one of us. We are actively seeking collaboration with ISA and AAS to start joint activities. We hope to share more news soon.

Applying for Membership

We are currently drafting the structure to administer membership. We hope to share more news soon. If you are interested in becoming a member, we will first put you on a waiting list. Please email secretary {AT } computationalaudiology.com.

VCCA2024 update

VCCA2024 will be held on the 20th and 21st June and is open to all. The main themes of this year’s VCCA conference are AI and hearing, and the changing landscape of Audiology. Keynote speakers include Professor Manohar Bance of the University of Cambridge and Lars Bramsløw of Eriksholm Research Centre. The abstract submission system will open in early March; we are strongly encouraging contributions from early career researchers.

WIKI4Hearing announcement

Wiki4WorldHearingDay is a campaign to ensure that information about hearing health services is easily accessible and understandable.  All information to take part in the activities of is available on the  Wiki4WorldHearingDay2024 campaign’s page on Wikimedia. Read more Wiki activities supported by CAN in the coming month and join us via Wiki4WorldHearingDay2024.

CAN at AAS meeting

CAN Advisory Board members Deniz Baskent and Dennis Barbour will introduce CAN to the AAS audience during their talks at the 51st Annual AAS Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, February 15 – 17, 2024. The CAN Executive Board will be recommending AAS for speakers for next years’ meetings.

CAN at World Congress of Audiology 2024 meeting

CAN is coming to WCA 2024! WCA 2024 will take place from 19-22 September 2024 in Paris, France, and bring together the world’s scientific community in hearing loss, tinnitus and vestibular disorders. We are calling for contributions to a Special Session organised by CAN and will be hosting a social get-together in the evening before.

Let us know if you are attending WCA 2024, and would like to join these CAN events (please email president {AT} computationalaudiology.com).

We call for contributions to the World Congress of Audiology (WCA 2024, Paris, France), with a focus on these topics or related areas:

  • Machine learning methods for improving hearing devices and auditory implants
  • Computational model based investigations on hearing and audiology
  • Assistive digital technologies for supporting people with hearing difficulties (e.g. ASR, AI-Chatbots/LLM, smart devices, etc)

The special session will be 1 hour in duration, with several talks and time for discussion. It will be hosted by Jan-Willem Wasmann and Tobias Goehring and be a part of the program at WCA 2024.Please get in touch about potential contributions, or to sign-up for the social event. Please note that regular WCA conference fees for attendance apply.

Up Next

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming VCCA2024 and other Computational Audiology Network events. We look forward to your participation!

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