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Newsroom Computational Audiology, April 25

In this newsletter, we share CAN updates about membership and the latest highlights you can expect at VCCA2024. Please remember to submit your abstract to VCCA2024!

VCCA2024 update

VCCA2024 will be held on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st June and is open and free to all. Registration for the VCCA as a participant will open soon in May. This year’s main themes are AI and hearing and the changing landscape of Audiology. The abstract submission system is still open until 1st May. Please submit your abstract today! All abstracts can be submitted via the website (see our call-for abstracts page). We are using the Microsoft CMT system as in previous years.

  • Keynote Speakers:
    • Prof. Manohar Bance: “Could we make cochlear implants work better?”
    • Lars Bramsløw, PhD: “State of the art and future developments in hearing aid technology”.
    • Assoc. Prof. Melanie Ferguson: “Shaping HearChoice: a co-design approach to empower choice and decision-making in hearing healthcare”.
    • Prof. Deniz Başkent: “New directions for diagnostic and rehabilitation tools”.
  • Featured Talks:
    • Prof. Andrew Hugill: “Aural Diversity: a general introduction”.
    • Anthea Bott, PhD: “Optimizing manufacturing of custom hearing aids”.
    • Ariane Laplante-Lévesque, PhD: “Improving access to hearing assistive technology: needs and best practices”.
    • Siobhan Brennan, PhD, Audiology and people with neurodevelopmental disorders.
    • And more!
  • Special Sessions & Workshops:
    • AAS and CAN Collaborative Workshop on Peer Review: Do you want to become a better reviewer? Join this workshop given by expert reviewers from the American Auditory Society (AAS) and the International Journal of Audiology. Participants are encouraged to do the free basic online reviewer course in preparation for the workshop!
    • Special Session on Big data and data standards in Audiology. Organized by Mareike Buhl, PhD, and Charlotte Vercammen, PhD.
    • More special sessions will be announced soon.

VCCA2024 Links

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Applying for  CAN Special Interest Group (CAN-SIG) Membership

We hope you are interested in joining us as a CAN member via the CAN-SIG! In 2024, we will be recruiting active members who are professionals or students in a field related to computational audiology. Membership is inclusive, open for scientists, clinicians, engineers & developers.

Apply to become a member of the CAN-SIG

If you are already a member of the ISA, simply send an email to gd@e2.co.za stating ‘please add me to the CAN-SIG’. If you are not a member of the ISA, visit the ISA website, select the membership navigation tab and complete the online application form as a full member. Select the CAN interest group during the application process.


  • Full members pay $75 USD for 12 months and $110 USD for 24 months.
  • Students, including PhD students, join for free.
  • Do you need support for paying the membership fee? Please contact president@computationalaudiology.com

Please reach out if you have any questions via president@computationalaudiology.com or by talking to one of our board members. Via the newly created CAN-SIG mailing list we will send you further updates about developments.

Up Next

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming VCCA2024 and other Computational Audiology Network events. We look forward to your participation!

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