Welcome to the on-demand version of the VCCA2020 conference!

Below you can find an overview of the VCCA2020 June 19 recordings. You can choose what to watch via the conference program, which serves as a ‘cockpit’ for all attendees. Furthermore, you can pick a selection of items out of our free virtual goodie bag. We value discussion and interaction. Therefore, if you have questions or suggestions for a presenter you can navigate via the program to the abstract page and use the comment function to post a question or suggestion. See this page for an example.

Every video starts with an introduction slide showing the starting times of the presentations included in that clip. You can forward, pause, and rewind anyway you like. You can stream the youtube videos to your favorite device. All recordings have been edited. Unnecessary breaks are removed, transitions are made smooth, and sound levels are normalized. For every speaker a custom sound profile was created to remove unpleasant frequencies using equalizer mixing techniques similar to the ones explained here.

Please do not share the live-stream links with others (this page is hidden but google will find it soon :-), but share this registration page. Please register before watching the videos. Anybody who registers can view the conference content freely, earn CPD and will be asked provide feedback via this survey. The conference is freely available thanks to our sponsors and supporting organizations. Registration gives us the opportunity to see who is attending the conference, keep you in the loop about VCCA2021, receive feedback to improve future activities, and can be used to show our supporting organizations the benefits of a free conference.

Enjoy the conference!

Conference access schedule

9:30 Plenary 1

15:00 Workshop 1

Computational Infrastructure


14:30 Workshop 2

patient involvement



15:00 Workshop 3

No-touch audiology


15:00 Workshop 4

App building for auditory experiments

16:00 Plenary 2

Afternoon session (Plenary part)


17:00 Parallel 1 Computational Models


17:00 Parallel 2 Computational Models / Auditory Implants


17:20 Parallel 3 e-audiology


17:00 Parallel 4

Big Data

20:00 Plenary 3

Evening session


The program can be found here:



Virtual goodie bag: