The Virtual Conference on Computational Audiology 2020 (VCCA June 19, 2020) will be accepting abstracts on innovative projects, research, and other topics related to AI & Audiology. Preference will be given to those with novel applicability or future‐oriented perspectives that will improve access, precision, and efficiency of hearing health care service.


VCCA2020 solicits abstracts on any topic related to computational audiology.

  • Computational models
  • Machine learning for audiology
  • AI for auditory implants
  • e-Audiology (connected hearing health care)
  • AI & Music (for hearing impaired)
  • Computational infrastructure and software

Guidelines & Information

  • Abstracts of 300+/- words in length will be accepted online (click this link, for an example)
    • For research projects, please include a Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions. 
    • You may use hyperlinks to provide more background information about your project or for reference purposes
    • We strongly encourage to submit a 2-minute video clip about your project
      • The video clip is meant as a short pitch to explain your project. In the event of technical problems during the conference (e.g. slow connection) we might show your clip to the attendees. Subsequently, you will be able to address questions from the audience.
    • Please upload at least one picture that gives a graphical overview of your projects
    • Please provide a one-sentence summary, this will together with a picture be shown on the landing page.
  • Please provide contact information and affiliation.
    • Include presenters/authors and co-presenters/co-authors
    • Primary presenter must provide an e-mail address for all co-presenters/co-authors after submitting an abstract proposal
  • File management
    • Provide the abstract as a word document, google doc or odf. Name of file: [author_title]
      • you can add the picture to the word file to indicate the preferred position of the picture, but you also need to upload the picture separately via the googleforms
      • for lay-out follow (click this link, for an example)
    • Provide the picture as JPEG or PNG. Name of file: [author_caption]
    • Provide the videoclip in MP4 format. Name of file: [author_title]
  • You can ask questions related to the abstract procedure to
  • Your abstract must be submitted online. The link to the portal to submit your abstract online will be available here.


  • All submitted abstracts will be available online on our website on the abstract 2020 landing page.
  • Submission of an abstract and/or 2-minute clip implies consent by the authors to have it published on our website.
  • All presentations and discussions will be recorded and together with the submitted abstracts made freely accessible via our website.
    • We will automatically create a transcript of the recorded sessions
  • After your abstract has been processed, you will receive an E-Mail with the confirmation that we accepted it for further review and we will post it publicly on our website
  • After abstract submission you will receive a registration number, which you as presenter need to complete the registration procedure for presenters.
  • Podium presentations will primarily be used for Questions & Answers with the presenter and for discussion;
  • Notification of abstract acceptance will be June 10
  • The presenter is required to submit a mini 2-minute videoclip with a presentation of the project
    • details and instructions will follow soon
  • Uploading the 2-minute clip is required by June 17, 2020

Young Scientist Award

  • We will provide a Young Scientist award to the best contribution to the conference
  • The winner of the 2020 Young Scientist award will be announced at the closing ceremony

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