Organizing Committee

Motivation for VCCA2020

Dr Peter van Hengel, Medical Physicist – Audiologist in training at Radboudumc and Pento.I am looking forward to meet the people in the field,  build a community and get inspiration for new ideas.
Dr Yağmur Güçlütürk, assistant professor at Artificial Intelligence department Radboud University.I would like AI to create more impact in neurotech. How can we fill in the gaps? Also, I would like to stimulate social interactions and motivate others in the COVID-19 period.
Dr Jan de Laat, Medical Physicist – Audiologist at Leiden University Medical Center.In my work I prefer the combination of tele-audiology, artificial intelligence in audiology and music perception, e.g. the development and validation of screening and diagnostic tools, tests and APPs for these favorite topics.
Dr Emmanuel Mylanus,  staf-member, at ENT department at the Radboudumc. Since 2015 he holds a chair as guest lecturer at the University of Ghent, Belgium.Increasingly, AI is becoming an important tool in otologic research and clinical practice and I like to apply innovative methods in my clinical work and research projects on semi-implantable bone conduction devices, active middle ear implants, and cochlear implants.
Alex Tichter, Master student

Artificial Intelligence, Radboud University.

I like working on AI and Music and to have impact on the health of patients. I want to understand patients’ problems so that I can improve methods in de field by understanding the problem better.
Jan-Willem Wasmann, Medical Physicist – Audiologist at Radboudumc.Jan-Willem’s recent work includes AI-guided CI fitting techniques, simulated directional hearing based on neural networks, and remote care. He would like to stimulate the creation of a network of more (hybrid) AI & Audiology experts and hopes the conference could lead to novel projects.

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We would like to thank Chris-Jan, Sarah, Monique, Madeleine, Arjan, Erwin, Elle and Marieke for their support in all preparations.