Welcome to VCCA2021,

This virtual “Goodiebag” contains information and additional items for you.

Video-conferencing can be more tiring than regular meetings and we scheduled several breaks for your recovery. We also highlight a few articles to help you prepare.

We highlight a selection of presenters who made short video clips about their projects and several of our sponsors showcase new developments.

Please visit the VCCA2021 Conference Program or download the scientific program as PDF to plan your day. All abstracts can be found online and please make use of the comments function for your questions and feedback (this is moderated). 

VCCA2021 Coffee Corner

For informal chats, an important part of traditional conferences, we encourage all attendees to use the Signal messenger and to join the VCCA2021 Coffee Corner. This will be used across sessions and platforms to connect all participants that attend the conference. We will share an invitation to the dedicated group-chat with you.

Computational Audiology TV

We have launched Computational Audiology TV. On this channel, we will release selected videos about computational audiology and contributions to the VCCA2021. Don’t forget to subscribe. You can watch the great video pitches highlighting some of the upcoming presentations (click on the video here). They are also embedded on the online abstract pages.


Below you find Teaser videos for the VCCA2021 Special Sessions 1 and 2 on the Global Burden of hearing loss and Big data. The first Special Session will be introduced by Prof Nick Lesica. Here you can find Nick’s blog about how AI-led hearing healthcare could address the growing global burden of hearing loss.

The second Special Session on Big Data will be chaired by Prof Waldo Nogueira and include invited talks and a panel discussion.
Please contribute to the Big Data discussion by filling out the (anonymous):
5-minute survey on Big Audiological Data

Recommended reading for Special Session 1

How to survive a virtual conference?



Poorly run meetings have a tremendously negative impact on team success, innovation, creativity, and on individuals’ well-being and stress. In fact, experiencing a poor meeting can even....
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More than a dozen security and privacy problems have been found in Zoom. Here's an updated list. Please note that to have all functionality during the conference we recommend to use the Zoom app.


Check out some tutorials if you are need to zoom


Building transition periods in between video meetings can also help refresh us – try stretching, having a drink or doing a bit of exercise, our experts say...
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Computational Audiology Developments

Quaterly update

Quaterly update Q1

Author: Jan-Willem Wasmann Please send your suggestion to resources@computationalaudiology.com The in update presented publications were found using  [(Computational Audiology) OR ((Machine Learning) AND audiology)] in Google Scholar.

Perspective Paper

Computational Audiology: New Approaches to Advance Hearing Health Care in the Digital Age

Authors: Jan-Willem Wasmann Cris Lanting Wendy Huinck Emmanuel Mylanus Jeroen van der Laak Paul Govaerts De Wet Swanepoel David R. Moore Dennis Barbour


One Size Does Not Fit All

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Here you find our White Paper about Automatic Sound Management 3.0 with the SONNET 2 and RONDO 3 Audio Processor and our MAESTRO 9.0 factsheet