Organizing Committee (2022)

Bio & Motivation

Volker Hohmann (Chair)
Professor and Head of research group Auditory Signal Processing and Hearing Devices, University of Oldenburg
Volker received a PhD in Physics from the University of Göttingen in 1993 and is now professor at the Faculty for Medicine and Health Sciences at Oldenburg University, Germany. His research expertise is in psychoacoustics and digital signal processing with applications to signal processing in speech processing devices, e.g., hearing aids.
Waldo Nogueira (Chair)
Professor for Auditory Prosthesis at Medical Hannover School
Waldo’s research interest is on audio and speech signal processing, neural processing, and computational models of electric acoustic hearing. He works on development of CI sound coding strategies strategies for combined electric and acoustic stimulation.
Anna Warzybok (Chair)
Senior researcher in the medical physics group, University of Oldenburg
Quellbild anzeigenAnna’s work includes development and clinical validation of model-based approaches for internationally comparable hearing diagnostics and rehabilitation. Recent topics have strong focus on perception in acoustically complex scenes.
Jan-Willem Wasmann (Co-Chair)
Medical Physicist – Audiologist at Radboudumc.
Jan-Willem’s recent work includes AI-guided CI fitting techniques, simulated directional hearing based on neural networks, and remote care. He would like to stimulate the creation of a network of more (hybrid) AI & Audiology experts and hopes the conference could lead to novel projects.


Local Organizing Committee:

Nina Aldag
Mareike Buhl
Tomas Gajecki
Daniel Kipping
Eugen Kludt
Tobias Weller


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