VCCA2022 – Program Highlights

The scientific program of VCCA2022 will combine keynote and featured talks with scientific contributions to highlight the wide range of world-class research and hot topics in computational audiology. Three special sessions will be held to showcase and discuss developments and applications of remote audiology, predictive coding, and machine learning for hearing devices.

The program will be organised in different blocks, to allow for participation from different time zones. Register for free.


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Keynote talks

  • Dr. Stefan Launer (Sonova Holding AG)
The music of silence: Investigating the predictive brain with music and electrophysiology


Featured talks

  • Prof. Roger Miller

Special sessions:

Remote audiology
Chaired by Prof. Erick Gallun, Dr. Ellen Peng, and Prof. De Wet Swanepoel

Predictive coding
Chaired by Dr. Bernhard Englitz, Dr. Emma Holmes, and Prof. Floris de Lange

Machine learning for hearing devices
Chaired by Zehai Tu, Prof. Jon Barker, and Prof. Trevor Cox

Virtual reality for hearing research and auditory modeling in realistic environments
Chaired by Dr. Axel Ahrens, Dr. Maartje Hendrikse, and Dr. Lorenzo Picinali