VCCA2024 – Project Partners

The scientific program of VCCA2024 will combine interactive keynotes, featured and invited talks with scientific contributions to highlight the wide range of world-class research and hot topics in computational audiology. Below we introduce you to our project partners.

How can we process and remix music, so it sounds better for those with a hearing loss? The Cadenza project is defining what music personalised for someone with a hearing loss should sound like and exploiting the latest in machine learning to create improved listening experiences. The improvement in music is being achieved by running a series of open signal processing challenges. Competitors are asked to personalise and enhance music, through processing and/or remixing. At VCCA2023, the Cadenza team demonstrated a listening test using the scales arising from this panel. This year, the Cadenza team will be chairing two panel discussions on music and hearing loss. Sign up to the Google group for alerts about the challenges and to help shape the challenges.

Clarity project logo in different shades of red. It is the word 'Clarity' where the first letter forms part of a simplified outer ear.

The Clarity Project is a UKRI-funded research project involving four UK Universities and associated industrial partners. The Clarity team will be running a VCCA session on speech enhancement for HA wearers, speech source separation and enhancement. The aim of the project is to organise open evaluations for hearing aid algorithms and to champion novel machine learning approaches to hearing aid speech-in-noise processing. The project team is currently running the third enhancement challenge. To find out more, see the website and join the Google Group.

ISCA logo

The International Speech Communication Association Special Interest Group on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies (SIG-SLPAT) is proud to support VCCA2024. More details to come soon.

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Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming VCCA2024 and other Computational Audiology Network events. We look forward to your participation!

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