Wikimedia Workshop at the Virtual Conference on Computational Audiology

Authors: Hector Gabriel Corrale de Matos1

1Department of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology of the University São Paulo Campus Bauru

This workshop aims to briefly explore the use of Wikipedia and Wikidata to disseminate scientifically grounded information through an interactive Edit-a-Thon focused on hearing health and audiology-related topics.

Wikipedia and Wikidata are integral to the open knowledge ecosystem maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation. The core mission of these coordinated projects is to ensure that the sum of all possible human knowledge is openly accessible. These content platforms are collaboratively maintained by countless volunteers, who contribute by writing texts and curating data. Wikipedia is the most-read general reference source on the internet. It is available in 336 languages, accessed by a global user base. Wikidata functions as an open database of structured and categorized data readable by both humans and machines, providing tools for knowledge curation.

Wiki4WorldHearingDay is an example of an activity involving students, researchers, audiologists, and patients around the world, editing Wikimedia projects to raise awareness and crowdsource knowledge about hearing health. These efforts have resulted in 18.1 million accesses to edited content related to hearing health and audiology on Wikipedia from 2022 to 2024.

The workshop will include practical editing examples and on-hand moments on Wikipedia and Wikidata, with a focus on improving topics in hearing and computational audiology. The session aimed to empower attendees to contribute to these platforms and to promote awareness of hearing loss, sound, acoustics, audio, signal processing, environmental noise, and related topics.

Wikimedia Workshop at the Virtual Conference on Computational Audiology – Program

15 minutes

– What is open knowledge ecosystem?

– Why Wikipedia and Wikidata for health literacy?

– Wikipedia as a crowdsourcing tool in hearing health

20 minutes

– Improving hearing health content on Wikipedia

– Edit-a-thon on Wikipedia

20 minutes

– Wikidata as a tool for structuring open data and disseminating hearing health

– Edit-a-thon on Wikidata