Celebrating World Hearing Day & Welcoming New Milestones

Newsroom Computational Audiology, March 3

Today, on World Hearing Day, we embrace the global theme of “Changing mindsets: Let’s make ear and hearing care a reality for all.” We’re also excited to share our recent acceptance into the World Hearing Forum (WHF) and our partnership advancements with the International Society of Audiology (ISA). We established the CAN Special Interest Group which you can join as member!

CAN’s Journey with WHF and ISA

As a new member of the WHF, CAN is dedicated to transforming hearing healthcare through computational and AI technologies. Our collaboration with the ISA, marking CAN as a Special Interest Group (SIG), aims to enhance the efficacy of audiological interventions and reduce the global burden of hearing loss.


CAN is a proud member of the World Hearing Forum (WHF), an initiative by the World Health Organization. CAN is dedicated to enhancing hearing healthcare through innovative computational and AI technologies. Our expertise in computational audiology positions us to contribute significantly to combating hearing loss worldwide, in line with the World Health Assembly’s objectives. As part of the Forum, CAN is committed to collaborating on global efforts to prevent hearing loss and ensure those affected receive timely and effective care. In the coming three year we hope together with our members to make contributions to the WHF’s activities including Make Listening Safe and supporting the Changemakers active within WHF.

World Hearing Day Initiatives


The International Society of Audiology (ISA) is the leading International Audiology Association that provides a dynamic platform to access best practice frameworks including the most recent research and case studies in Global Hearing Healthcare. The ISA has strong affiliations with local audiology associations across the globe with a powerful network of accomplished world authorities and professionals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and learning for the benefit of people with hearing loss.

The ISA has been in a relationship with the World Health Organization since 2014 and supports global development and success in International Hearing Healthcare.

The ISA / CAN Special Interest Group

The ISA signed a memorandum of understanding with the Computational Audiology Network to form a special interest group (SIG) within the ISA. CAN followers who meet the CAN membership requirements are encouraged to join our SIG.

We’re looking for active, dedicated members — be they professionals or students from fields relevant to computational audiology (e.g. audiology, AI, engineering, etc). Ideas for new initiatives or ways to interact with peers are welcome and are appreciated.

We’re proud of the diversity and international representation at our conferences, reflecting the varied challenges and resources available worldwide. This diversity is crucial for developing new tools for people with hearing loss.

Our SIG is committed to inclusivity, welcoming scientists, clinicians, engineers, developers, and all who are eager to contribute to this vibrant field. We look forward to your participation in CAN–SIG, where together we can learn and collectively shape the future of hearing healthcare.

Apply to become a member of the CAN–SIG

 If you are already a member of the ISA, simply send an email to gd@e2.co.za stating – please add me to the CAN – SIG.

If you are not a member of the ISA, visit the ISA website select the membership navigation tab, and complete the online application form as a full member. Select the CAN interest group during the application process.


  • Full members pay $75 USD for 12 months and $110 USD for 24 months.
  • Students including PhD students join for free.
  • Do you need support for paying the membership fee? please contact (president@computationalaudiology.com )

 Please reach out if you have any questions via president@computationalaudiology.com or by talking to one of us. Via the newly created CAN – SIG mailing list we will send you further updates about developments.

Warm regards,

The CAN executive board

Seba Ausili, PhDKarina De Sousa, PhD – General SecretaryHector Gabriel Corrale de Matos, BSc – Web developerTobias Goehring, PhD Simone Graetzer, PhDJessica Monaghan, PhD Nikki Philpott, MSc – TreasurerJan-Willem Wasmann, MSc – President

Up Next

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming VCCA2024 and other Computational Audiology Network events. We look forward to your participation!

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