Datalog: monitoring tool for electronic devices

Authors: Jerusa Massola Oliveira1*; Cláudia Daniele Pelanda Zampronio1; Rafaela Oliveira Bernal1; Adriane Maria Marques Cardoso1

1University of São Paulo

Background Datalog is a tool present in digital sound amplification devices used in the process of hearing (re)habilitation for hearing-impaired individuals. Its function is to objectively monitor the use of the device, and to do so, it captures, stores and records a set of data as a function of time (hours), battery consumption, type of memory and acoustic environment. The current implementation of this tool, considered a resource for the Audiologist, was possible due to technological advances. Thus, the use of a data logger improves the visibility of the assiduity of the use of the hearing aid, because in clinical care it is common for the user not to know how to inform or to transmit erroneous information about the number of hours, the programs of use, or acoustic environments frequented. The use of Datalog is possible by connecting via HI PRO or connected via Wireless the device to the company’s programming interface and verify the use from programming to the moment of access.

Method Updating research for the presentation of a digital technological tool for clinical use. Objective: To present the tool that records the data of the use of sound amplification devices, known as Datalog.

Results On the company’s software display of the sound amplification device the Datalog is visualized with the complete record of the data on battery consumption by time, of the type and time of use of the memory and of the acoustic environment. The time is recorded in total/average hours of use.

Conclusion The precise information provided by the Datalog is important for the clinician to check the success or failure of the use of the device, being able to make adjustments in regulation and provide guidance to the use.