ICASSP 2024 Speech Signal Improvement Challenge


October 1, 2023 - February 1, 2024    
All Day

Microsoft is pleased to organize the ICASSP 2024 Speech Signal Improvement Challenge, which is intended to stimulate research in the area of improving the speech signal quality in communication systems. The speech signal quality can be measured with SIG in ITU-T P.835 and is still a top issue in audio communication and conferencing systems. To improve SIG the following speech impairment areas should be addressed: coloration, discontinuity, loudness, and reverberation. This is the second Speech Signal Improvement challenge, with the first held at ICASSP 2023.

This version improves on that challenge by providing a dataset synthesizer to allow all teams to start at a higher baseline, an objective metric for our extended P.804 tests, and Word Accuracy (WAcc) is added as a metric. The organization provides a real test set for this challenge, and the winners will be determined by subjective test (using an extended crowdsourced implementation of ITU-T P.804) and WAcc.

Program dates: October 2023-February 2024