Audio ML internships / co-ops and full-time Audio ML at Bose Research
Bose Research has multiple 2023

Bose Research has multiple 2023 Audio ML internships / co-ops and full-time Audio ML openings available. We are looking for candidates with strong experience in deep learning, digital signal processing, software engineering and a passion for applying their skills to next-gen audio products!
These positions span multiple teams and research focuses and all links are to real positions. As an intern/coop on any team you’ll have the opportunity to publish at top-tier conferences such as NeurIPS, ICASSP, Interspeech, etc. while also contributing to cutting-edge product releases. Applications span Bose’s portfolio and include hearing aids / augmented hearing,  voice communication and active noise cancellation using technologies such as source separation, microphone array signal processing, acoustic echo cancellation, ML-based control systems and TinyML.
Bose currently operates on a hybrid work model and while candidates with availability to co-locate are preferred. Fully remote work is available for selected openings.

Job Type: Full Time